Our menu

Classic bistro cuisine served with a local twist

Our menu changes with the seasons. We can also make YOUR menu for your parties and events.


Grilled Cheese  (3 cheese)

12,95 $

(+ 3 $ Homemade French Fries or Mesclin Salad, + 2 $ extra bacon)

Belle Plage Burger

16  $

On brioche bread, AAA beef, onion confit, provolone cheese and arugula. Accompanied with fries or mesclun / rocket salad

Poutine with Frayed Duck and Perron Cheese Sauce

14,75  $

Fish & Chips (cod)

17  $

Cod fillet fried in black beer batter. Served with fries and salad mesclun / arugula

Scoter, Oignon and Chives Sauce

18,95  $

Served with Mesclun Salad and Homemade French Fries


Pâte et sauce tomate/poivron maison.

Margarita / Salcicia / all dressed / shrimps and scallops

Mac & Cheese

12,75  $


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